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Estate Sales Management & Liquidation

Family Owned & Operated Estate Sales Company Serving Houston and the Upper Gulf Coast

Certified Estate Sales is a top choice among estate sale companies. Houston can be a tricky market, but with our experienced and talented staff we execute Houston estate sales better than anyone else in the area.

Our toolbox of services helps you to get tasks done with less effort needed. We take pride in making the process easier physically, mentally, & emotionally for our clients. If you’re shopping around for estate sale company in Houston or any of the surrounding communities in Texas, give us a call and allow us to show you what we do best.

Let Certified Estate Sales handle the heavy lifting. You handle what matters.

Explore our Services Page to see all of the different estate sales and estate liquidation services we offer.

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Getting Started is Simple


Figure out what you want to keep, and we’ll handle the rest. You don’t need to lift a finger…we have you covered.

Family Owned & Operated

Family (and friend) owned and operated.

Let us come out for a consultation. We’re sure you’ll find it an enjoyable and stress-relieving experience.

Simple Flat-Rate Fees

We don’t have any hidden costs.

We specialize in high-end sales and do have a minimum threshold for sales we’re willing to take on. However, once we commit to a job our fees are simple and straight-forward.

Timely & Efficient Process

With such a large team of dedicated professionals, we’re able to take on jobs and get from beginning to end seamlessly without sacrificing quality and attentiveness.

Streamlining the process and making it easy for you and your family to handle.

Stable of Buyers

We’re fair, and our customers appreciate that. In turn, we have a massive list of devoted customers.

Aside from our own personal list, we utilize all of the modern forms of advertising to ensure your sale is well attended.

Fully Dedicated Expert Team

This is our job. We don’t do other things.

Everyone that comes out to your home is dedicated to Certified Estate Sales, and likewise, to your sale.

Quality is guaranteed when you use us to manage the estate sales process.

Satisfied Clients
Customer Satisfaction
Years in Business

What Our Clients Say

  • This is one of the most fabulous service companies we have ever dealt with. The initial consultation meeting told us immediately this was the company for us. Everything was explained to us in detail regarding how they would do the sale. Their team came in and priced everything fairly. Their preparation for the sale demonstrated how efficiently they worked. Their staging of our furniture and items showcased those special items. During the sale they were constantly restaging items to highlight the remaining items. They constantly reassured us, took very good care of our home and maximized the price of things. After the sale they rearranged items in the home (which were very few) to make it livable. I cannot say enough about the staff. Not only were they professional but were some of the most kind and caring people you would ever meet. From us they get a 5++++++ rating.

    John Hinzman
    Nov 29th, 2019
  • Thank you for the care, ease and professional handling of our estate sale in October 2011. Your company priced sale items perfectly, professionally staged the house with sale items, and executed the three day sale completely selling the items with only a few to be liquidated.You were so thoughtful and wonderful to help me with things I couldn’t lift or handle not even related to the sale. And then to offer to deliver my car to Nevada from Georgia. Your company treated me as family, so very considerate and thoughtful! Each person on your team worked so well together. You were all so candid and most I appreciated your complete honesty from signing the contract to finally leaving the house for the airport. Please refer clients to me to tell how thoughtful, caring, professional and honest you are in the Estate Sale business. Again, thank you for taking the burden from my shoulders.

    Betty Martin
  • I am writing you to say thank you again for everything you did for me during the estate sale at my home. I feel extremely fortunate to have met you both and secured your services and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring similar services. I would add, that after seeing how much work and effort was involved, no one should ever consider attempting to do this in any other way or any other service. The results were beyond my expectations in every single respect. Once again, please feel free to share this letter of recommendation as you like and thank you so very much. I wish you the very best and hope that I may be of service to you one day.

    D. Laine
  • Excellent team of professionals! All of their sales are very well done. All items are thoroughly researched and very fairly priced. Customer service is excellent for customers and clients. Top notch on every level.

    Kasey S.
    Marietta, GA
Moving On Made Easy

Certified Estate Sales Around Houston

Get in touch with us anytime. We are happy to go over the possibility of managing your estate sale and all the details that go along with it.

After all, we specialize in ‘Moving On Made Easy’.  

We provide a variety of services in order to help our clients during this process. From traditional estate sales, to buy outs, consignments, to online auctions, we strive to provide a solution for our clients.

You can get in touch with us at 713-581-4495 and we will set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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